Binary1000 Copy Trading With The OptionWall

UPDATE! This Broker Has Closed Down. Please See My List Of Approved Brokers And Copy Trading Platforms For Trusted Brokers.

Binary1000 is a newer binary options broker from the 1000 Trading Group. The Group is based in London and more well known for CD trading. The broker is built on a cutting edge new technology called the O-Pro Platform. The platform provides not only fantastic binary options trading but also copy trading through the OptionWall. All new traders are given the opportunity to opt-in to “social trading” which means their trades will be shared on the OptionWall. The Wall is a leader board of live trades from which you can follow and copy the most successful traders.


When you choose a trader to follow you enter the amount you want to trade and click copy. The trade is then made into your account but no others which is different from most other copy trading platforms. On most platforms you copy the trader, meaning whatever whenever they trade you trade. Binary1000 lets you copy just the trades you want, when you want. I like this feature because it gives you more control over your trading and a little more active involvement.

The feature that I really like and one that applies to both live trading and copy trading is the Limit Orders. Limit orders allows you to enter the level at which you like to get into a trade and only executes it when that level is reached. This means that if you think an entry at one level is good, but the market is above that level, you can enter a limit order to buy the option if and when prices return to your target entry level.

Features For Social Traders

The limit order feature is very very useful for active copy traders. How many times have you seen a trade listed on a leader board that you wanted to take, but couldn’t because the market had moved away from the best entry. What do you do? Do you buy now anyway? Do you wait around to see if the price will return to the target entry level? Well, with this feature you don’t have to. If you see a trade listed, and you want to match the same entry or better, all you have to do is limit your order to that level. As an added bonus this feature can also help you to maximize profits and limit losses by allowing you to enter your trades at the best times.

The OptionWall from
The OptionWall from

Full Review Of Binary1000.Trade is the binary options branch of the 1000 Trading Group. The 1000 Trading Group is located in London, England and the broker itself is currently in the regulatory process. This means you can be assured that you funds are being safely held in segregated accounts, this broker uses Barclay’s bank. Banking with the broker is very simple. They accept deposits by credit card, wire and eWallets including WebMoney and MoneyBookers/Skrill. The minimum deposit is $300 with a minimum withdrawal of $100. Withdrawals will take up to 7 business days to process, eWallet withdrawals are usually faster.

Accounts range from the Standard up through a VIP. The standard requires the minimum deposit while the VIP requires a deposit over $25K. In between are the Silver and Gold packages. Each account comes with features like bonus, autobots and pay outs. The standard pay-out is 78% with that going up for larger accounts. Bonuses are also coded by account, Standard accounts can get 25% bonus, Silver 50%, Gold 75% and VIP 100%. Bonus requirements are pretty severe though at 20,000X which means a bonus of $100 requires volume of $2,000,000 to clear the bonus.

The platform is really nice and has a great lay out. Charts and trade screens are integrated so you can see the list of assets on the left and the chart of your chosen asset on the right. Tabs at the top allow you to scroll between asset classes, option types and the OptionWall. Assets include 10 top forex pairs, 6 commodities, 30 stocks and 10 indices. The commodities list is really nice and include coffee, sugar and platinum. Option types include the standard high/low digital binary trade as well as boundary in/out and short term speed trading.

There are some really nice special features, aside from the copy trading. First, as I mentioned before, is the limit order feature. This may be the greatest new tool of any binary options platform I have seen. It is useful for live traders and copy traders, allows for more precise entries, will help maximize profits and limit your losses. Complimenting that is the Buy More Time feature. This is a rollover or extend type feature that allows you to extend the expiry of your trade to give the asset enough time to move into the money. This comes with a small fee but can also help to maximize your returns when you are social trading binary options.