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TraderAgency – More Than Binary Options Signals

UPDATE – TraderAgency has unfortunately been forced to shut down. You can continue to find me here and on Communitraders with the rest of the coaches.

TraderAgency is a new website with headquarters located at 6252 Commercial Way #138, Spring Hill, Florida 34613. It is aimed at forex and binary options signals trading, but with a couple of interesting twists. The platform is the brainchild of Dillon Krieder, long time trader and accomplished eBusinessman. He has combined his years of experience with trading and marketing to produce a platform for social and copy trading that provides an avenue for traders and signal service providers to make money. The platform enables members to benefit in three ways; you can copy/signal trade with the pros, you can post your personalized links to attract new members or you can market your skills and services to other traders on the network.

TraderAgency – Signals/Copy Trading/Education
Copy Trade
TraderAgency is now in pre-launch, sign up is free for a limited time only, act now!

What Is TraderAgency

Coaching/Mentoring is one of the best methods of learning and is what TraderAgency is based on. As a social trader I am always listening to the advice of those with more experience, or passing on experience of my own, so the idea of mentors for trading comes as no surprise. I have even had my own coaches in the past, more than one in fact, and all have helped me get to where I am now. The hard part for most of us is finding one, and when you find one knowing if they are for real or full of BS. Forums are a great place to find advice but have one major drawback, they aren’t live so it’s hard to get real time advice. This is where TraderAgency steps in. An experienced professional with the goals of training and improving up and coming traders is an invaluable resource for new traders and that is what TA provides.

  • The main feature is the Training Center and Digital Library. It contains a full line of digital media aids for binary traders including ebooks, videos and full courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. This feature costs $29 per month as a stand alone product, a real deal when considering it takes at least a minimum deposit to gain access to similar tools at a broker.
  • The Binary Options Trade Room is the flagship product. It is a live trading room where you can watch pros as they trade. Each pro gives detailed instructions into the technique and strategies used. Members can copy the trades and learn from them in real time. Pro traders have been recruited from the web’s top trading communities including Babypips and Communitraders. The session will be open 3-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, during peak market hours. This feature costs $99 per month and includes full access to the digital library and video courses. The live trading sessions are also recorded so you can review at any time.
  • One-on-One coaching is more expensive, $200 per hour, but is even more helpful for those trying to get a head start on trading. Members can choose from the top traders for one hour sessions on topics of their choice. These can include, but are not limited to, introduction to technical analysis, how to set up a trades, strategy development, risk management and many others.
TraderAgency Is More Than Binary Options Signals

The TraderAgency is more than a signal or copy trading platform. The agency is also a means for traders to market themselves and their products, including the agency itself. All members are automatically enrolled in the affiliate network which means all you have to do is post your link or sign up a few of your friends and fellow traders. In no time at all you’ll be able to make back your initial investment from joining the agency, and possibly earning a little extra to boot.

More advanced marketers and/or those with their own blogs, websites or social media networks may can create a nice revenue stream simply from signing up newbies. Add to this the Trader Market and things get really interesting. The Trader Market is where, for a one time $99 set up fee, traders/signal providers/software developers can market their skills and products on a personalized eStore. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone with the knowledge and desire to help other traders.

TraderAgency is currently in its beta testing and pre-launch phase. The site administrators and engineers expect to be fully functional sometime summer 2015. Until then they are accepting first round members and prospective marketers free of charge. This is a limited time offer so you must act now to participate. To go to TraderAgency click here.

Signal Trading Binary Options With MarketsGear.Com

Geek Approved!

Signals are a great method for copy trade binary options, provided you find a reliable source. is just such a place. The website is a dashboard for signal traders offering timely alerts useful for beginning and experienced traders alike. The platform supports over 60 assets, delivers more than 100 signals per month, carries a success rate over 80% and is completely free. I know at this point you are probably thinking scam but based on my research I think you can safely use this service.

MarketsGear is a stand alone that can be used across all of the major trading platforms so there is little fear of them working in tandem with a shady broker. In order to receive the signals you will have to open an account with one of their brokers, all of which are respected in the industry. It is in their interest to provide good trading tips and hook you up with good brokers otherwise no one would want to use them.

It is still possible to lose your ass by trading wildly but if you stick to some simple rules I think you will find the signals to be worth your time. The trick, and this is something that Marketsgear explains clearly on their website, is to use strict risk management and stick to one strategy – I’ll explain that in just a minute.

How To Trade MarketsGear Signals

The signals are delivered throughout the day when respective markets are open. This provides a potential window for trading that is 24hrs, depending on what assets you choose to follow. Signals are given for more than 60 assets with three basic strategies ranked by expiry; short term 15 minute, mid term 30 minute and longer term 1 hour. There will be signals for each asset in each time frame, you just have to wait for them to appear. The signals are also ranked by their probability. A five star trade is more likely to close in-the-money than a 4.5 star or 3.75 star signal. In order to get the best results it is advisable to choose an asset, but also a time frame and a risk tolerance. This means that you may only trade EUR/USD when it is a 30 minute signal and at least 4 stars.

marketsgear signals provide a great way to get started copy trading binary options.
marketsgear signals provide a great way to get started copy trading binary options.

Choosing a strategy as I described above is a great way to limit your risk and ensure you maximize your results but it is still possible to wipe yourself with risky behavior. This is why Marketsgear, and I fully support them in this, advises strict money management rules to go alongside your trading rules. They advise using only 5% of your account on any one trade, and to only have 15% (three trades) of your account open to risk at one time. I think this is a fantastic set of rules and ones that can be used even after you grow past the need for signals. I might suggest using a lower trade amount, like 3%, in order to get 5 trades instead of 3. Whatever it is you choose to do, choose to do it and stick to it otherwise you may find yourself busted simply because you lost it all on one lousy trade.

My Last Thoughts On MarketsGear Signals

MarketsGear is not infallible, no trader or trading system is. The system is a good one though if used correctly. The signals are timely and when used with the right approach can be turned into profits. I usually recommend for new traders to learn trading on their own but today what I want to say is this. You should learn to trade on your own but you have to start somewhere. Following signals blindly is a sure way to failure, following signals with the intention of learning is something completely different. Use the strategies, follow the assets, practice the account management, stick to the risk management and copy trade your way to success. Like I always say, fake it till you make it!

ZuluTrade Powers iFollow Copy Trading For Binary Options

The Power Behind Trading

It is no doubt that copy trading is gaining traction. The appeal of following a successful trader and copying their trades is undeniable and a driving force behind an explosion of brokers offering such services. It has also led to a partnership which has propelled one social trading platform to the forefront. Zulutrade, a leading platform for forex social trading, has teamed up with SpotOption and is the power behind the popular iFollow copy trading platform. The partnership began in mid-2014 and is only one in a string of events signalling a growing acceptance of binary options by mainstream investment professionals. Other signs include binary platforms such as SpotOption including CFD/forex products as well as some popular forex brokers adding a binary brand to their offerings.

Zulutrade partners exclusively with SpotOption

What the partnership means is that SpotOption has access to ZuluScript. Zuluscript is the language and algorithms which ranks traders by their success, displays the leader boards and links your trading account. What makes this deal of real interest to traders is that the technology is now available to the over 200 brands built on the SpotOption white label platform. There are currently dozens of brokers supporting the technology and a growing number of social copy traders to match. In addition, pro traders and signal providers can use Zuluscript to write EA’s for automated trading.

Brokers With iFollow Copy Trading
Regulated US Friendly Min Deposit
EmpireOptions Yes Yes $250
CherryTrade No Yes $250
FMTrader Yes No $250

iFollow, as the service has been dubbed, is the leading platform for social trading binary options. The platform has the most features and gives you the most control over your account. The system is built on a leader board which displays the top traders. The leader board can by filtered by asset so you can seek out specific traders and get some diversification in your trading. Once a trader is followed you then follow all of the trades they make during the allotted time. This means that each trade they make is copied into your account, when they win you win.

Trading can be limited by three settings; the amount of each trade, the max amount of trading for each trader and the length of time you follow them. Trade amounts can be set in a range from $50 to $3000, as can the total amount to be traded. A limit of $50 trades with a max of $400 will allow for 8 trades. The time period for following ranges from 1 day out to several months but I recommend sticking with the shorter time periods.

 ifollow social trading binary options

The Geeks Review Of Cherry Trade Binary Options Copy Trading

Cherry Trade is one of the newest brokers offering iFollow copy trading. It was launched in 2015 and is among a new generation of SpotOption based brokers. The new generation of broker I am referring to is nothing official, merely a group of new and revitalized brands I have noticed. Because of this Cherry Trade and other brands like it will soon move to the forefront of the industry. But you don’t have to take my word for it, there are plenty of other opinions like this cherrytrade review, where you can read what the cherry users are saying.

iFollow, if you are unaware, is the social trading platform provided by SpotOption and the leading source of binary options copy trading. This means that when you choose this broker you are getting a cutting edge platform from a top provider, a combination that adds up to a highly enjoyable trading experience and the opportunity to make money social trading binary options.

Cherry Trade – Not Trusted Broker
Leader Board
Copy Trade
Risk Free
Cherry Trade

The Geeks Review Of iFollow Binary Options Copy Trading

iFollow is my favorite platform for copy trading and Cherry Trade uses it to full effect. The platform is available directly from the regular trading platform and begins with a leader board. The leader board ranks all traders using the Cherry Trade platform by win rate and can be filtered by asset, a feature not available with other platforms. This means that you can choose the best trader for each asset and gain diversification as well as maximizing profits. The reason I like iFollow so much is the control it gives to traders through diversification as well as risk management. Spreading small trades around a variety of assets, rather than making large or repeated trades on the same asset, is only way that Cherry Trade provides for you to minimize risk.

iFollow binary options copy trading at Cherry Trade has the best available account management.
iFollow binary options copy trading at Cherry Trade has the best available account management.

The other tools that help you to control risk include the limit settings for each trader you choose to follow. Once you choose a trader you then set the amount of time you want to follow them, the amount you want to make on each trade placed in your account, and the total amount of money that is to be traded. You can follow for as short as one day, a week, two weeks, a month or as long as a year. Trade amounts can be set in increments starting with $50 and going up to $3000 and the total amount to be traded can be as much as $3000 too. A setting of 1 day, $50 per trade with $50 limit would equate to one trade. Move that limit up to $3,000 and then you have the chance of copying up to 60 trades in one day.

Cherry Trade Binary Options Trading

The Platform - You are not limited to copy trading because Cherry Trade also has a well rounded trading platform. Unlike some top brokers they support all of the most popular and most profitable styles of binary options. These include the standard high/low digital option trade, One Touch, Ladder Options and Pairs. Also, as a SpotOption powered broker they have one of the most extensive list of expiries available ranging from ultra short 30 second options all the way out to 12 months on the most heavily traded assets. In between you will find numerous intra-day and other short term expiries. The asset list is also quite full and includes over 200 commonly traded issues.
copy 1 of cherry trade platform
Banking – Depositing is simple but may be the one area where Cherry Trade could improve. They accept credit cards and wire transfers but not eWallets, yet. Regardless, credit card deposits are near instantaneous so you can get started trading right away, a wire may take a week or more depending on circumstances. Either way, you will have to provide the usual identification documents for withdrawal so you may as well get them ready as soon as possible. Withdrawals, the most important part of trading, are pretty fast but may still take up to 2 full weeks to show in your account.

Bonus – Bonuses and risk free trading is also available. First time deposit bonuses vary by account size and other promotions are offered from time to time. The standard bonus requirement is to trade 30X the bonus amount. Risk free trading is also available and what I prefer to a straight bonus. This means that your first five trades are covered with bonus money so if you lose them it will be replaced. This is a nice cushion for newbies and experienced traders that does not entangle you with a full bonus.

I’d like to put my stamp of approval on this one, they look great, have great features and talk a great game. Unfortunately they have received a number of complaints about accounts, withdrawals and pushy managers so I can’t at this time.

Trading Binary Options Signals With Investoo.Com Indicators is the latest binary options signal service provider to hit my radar. The service, unlike many of its shadier cousins, is one of the more useful, reliable and believable I have found. Not only do they provide legitimate tools free of charge they offer supporting services that are of real value.

A few things that caught my eye include that they claim a winning rate of only 75%, they make no claims to the infallibility of their product and go so far as to say that using their tools successfully takes more than blindly following the signals. This may sound like smoke-and-mirrors or an attempt to brush off responsibility but once you delve into what they have to offer you will realize, as I did, that this is not just some affiliate marketing scheme.

copy 1 of investoo-learn-to-trade is a resource for binary and forex traders. The site is focused on education of traders based on commonly used and accepted indicators. Their services are multi-layered to fit the needs of all levels of traders from pure copy trading all the way through those who truly wish to learn to trade for themselves. The services are based on three indicators systems intended for forex and adapted to binary, including one system developed exclusively for binary.

These systems use PSAR, MACD, ADX, moving averages and stochastic to generate signals. Each system can be applied to any commonly traded forex pair as well as heavily traded indices, stocks and commodities. They can also be used on charts ranging from 5 minutes to daily and generate appropriate signals for each. The indicator packages download directly to your MT4 platform where they create visual and sound alerts. Additional benefits of membership include access to over 125 video courses designed to support the indicators and signals.

  • PSAR – This system uses PSAR and ADX to pinpoint reversals and trend following entries. It is a great tool for generating signals on short term charts but is also reliable on higher time frames. This system has a stated win rate of 75% and may offer the most signals per day of any of the three.
  • MACD - This system is based on MACD and targets swings in the market. The MACD signal system is intended for use primarily in the forex market but can be used on any liquid asset. It is great for range bound assets as it delivers both call and put signals but is also highly effective in trend following situations as well.
  • BO Indicator – This is a more proprietary system based on stochastic and moving averages. It is designed specifically to binary options but can be used to trade forex too. It seeks to target reversals and overbougth/oversold conditions as entries for short term directional trading. Binary Options Copy Trading

The basic membership is free and includes access to the three indicators. The indicators are great tools but not infallible as they generate both buy and sell signals regardless of trend, market conditions or support/resistance. They provide possible entries, but final decision is based on individual trader analysis. This is fantastic for those who like to trade on their own and are seeking a good tool, or for those who are learning and would like a frame work for signal generation but be prepared for a learning curve.

I can definitely recommend these tools, mostly because they are based on indicators I already know and love, namely the MACD, stochastic and moving averages. I can also recommend them because they provide a solid platform for learning. The tools are supported by the introductory and beginner level videos but to get the full video course you will need to upgrade to the pro version.
copy 1 of investoo_123
The Pro version gets you the entire package including signals vetted by pro traders and published on the website, all three of the indicator systems and access to the complete video library. The full package is only $99 and does not require a deposit, however, you can get the package free if you make a deposit with a supported broker. There are over 100 signals posted to the website daily with an average win rate of 60-70% depending on which assets you follow and how many trades you make. Signals are given for all of the commonly traded pairs and are available for short and long term trading up to end of the week and one week expiry. Signals can also be received through email or SMS for mobile trading.

Click Here For Sustainable Profits is a solid source for binary options signals and copy trading. The service uses well know indicators, not some secret formula, and is supported by a full educational program intended to get you trading on your own. The cost is small at $99 and easily gotten for free with deposit, a real bonus for those who have yet to open an account or those ready to open an account with a new broker. I will be testing the tools myself so be on the lookout for future updates.