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Binary1000 Copy Trading With The OptionWall

UPDATE! This Broker Has Closed Down. Please See My List Of Approved Brokers And Copy Trading Platforms For Trusted Brokers.

Binary1000 is a newer binary options broker from the 1000 Trading Group. The Group is based in London and more well known for CD trading. The broker is built on a cutting edge new technology called the O-Pro Platform. The platform provides not only fantastic binary options trading but also copy trading through the OptionWall. All new traders are given the opportunity to opt-in to “social trading” which means their trades will be shared on the OptionWall. The Wall is a leader board of live trades from which you can follow and copy the most successful traders.


When you choose a trader to follow you enter the amount you want to trade and click copy. The trade is then made into your account but no others which is different from most other copy trading platforms. On most platforms you copy the trader, meaning whatever whenever they trade you trade. Binary1000 lets you copy just the trades you want, when you want. I like this feature because it gives you more control over your trading and a little more active involvement.

The feature that I really like and one that applies to both live trading and copy trading is the Limit Orders. Limit orders allows you to enter the level at which you like to get into a trade and only executes it when that level is reached. This means that if you think an entry at one level is good, but the market is above that level, you can enter a limit order to buy the option if and when prices return to your target entry level.

Features For Social Traders

The limit order feature is very very useful for active copy traders. How many times have you seen a trade listed on a leader board that you wanted to take, but couldn’t because the market had moved away from the best entry. What do you do? Do you buy now anyway? Do you wait around to see if the price will return to the target entry level? Well, with this feature you don’t have to. If you see a trade listed, and you want to match the same entry or better, all you have to do is limit your order to that level. As an added bonus this feature can also help you to maximize profits and limit losses by allowing you to enter your trades at the best times.

The OptionWall from
The OptionWall from

Full Review Of Binary1000.Trade is the binary options branch of the 1000 Trading Group. The 1000 Trading Group is located in London, England and the broker itself is currently in the regulatory process. This means you can be assured that you funds are being safely held in segregated accounts, this broker uses Barclay’s bank. Banking with the broker is very simple. They accept deposits by credit card, wire and eWallets including WebMoney and MoneyBookers/Skrill. The minimum deposit is $300 with a minimum withdrawal of $100. Withdrawals will take up to 7 business days to process, eWallet withdrawals are usually faster.

Accounts range from the Standard up through a VIP. The standard requires the minimum deposit while the VIP requires a deposit over $25K. In between are the Silver and Gold packages. Each account comes with features like bonus, autobots and pay outs. The standard pay-out is 78% with that going up for larger accounts. Bonuses are also coded by account, Standard accounts can get 25% bonus, Silver 50%, Gold 75% and VIP 100%. Bonus requirements are pretty severe though at 20,000X which means a bonus of $100 requires volume of $2,000,000 to clear the bonus.

The platform is really nice and has a great lay out. Charts and trade screens are integrated so you can see the list of assets on the left and the chart of your chosen asset on the right. Tabs at the top allow you to scroll between asset classes, option types and the OptionWall. Assets include 10 top forex pairs, 6 commodities, 30 stocks and 10 indices. The commodities list is really nice and include coffee, sugar and platinum. Option types include the standard high/low digital binary trade as well as boundary in/out and short term speed trading.

There are some really nice special features, aside from the copy trading. First, as I mentioned before, is the limit order feature. This may be the greatest new tool of any binary options platform I have seen. It is useful for live traders and copy traders, allows for more precise entries, will help maximize profits and limit your losses. Complimenting that is the Buy More Time feature. This is a rollover or extend type feature that allows you to extend the expiry of your trade to give the asset enough time to move into the money. This comes with a small fee but can also help to maximize your returns when you are social trading binary options.

The Binary Replicator Copy Trading

CTOptions Binary Options Copy Trading

CTOptions, a leading binary options broker, has entered the realm of copy trading with its Binary Replicator. The Replicator is a simple and easy to use copy trading platform perfect for traders of all levels. The platform is accessed through a leader board, directly from the home page, from which you can choose from among the top active traders on CT.

Update February 2017 – CTOption no longer accepts US customers. Also, due to a high level of complaints CTOptions is also no longer recommended.

Binary Options Replicator, Copy Trading Platform.
Binary Options Replicator, Copy Trading Platform.

The top traders are listed on the leader board as shown above. Some stats are given including win rate, amount of profit, number of copiers and number of trades. This is more than enough to pick a good trader, many have win rates over 70%, and you will be able to screen by asset.

When looking for a trader profit and win rate are of course important but more importantly is long term success. Always check to make sure that not only is there a high win rate, but a lot of trades. Notice how Y.A. has a 72.73% win rate with only 22 trades while D.B. is only 70.12% win rate but has over 1,100 trades. I would definitely pick D.B. over S.A. any day of the week. . . until S.A. has comparable stats that is.

Binary Replicator – Geek Approved
Leader Board
Copy Trade
Risk Free

The Binary Replicator is also available at Porter Finance, another Geek Approved broker. Click here for the my review of Porter Finance.

Binary Replicator Management Features

Once you choose a trader to follow all you have to do is click on the “Copy” button. This will pull up a confirmation screen. On this screen you will choose how much of your money will be invested each time your chosen trader makes a trade. You can do this in two ways. The first is to set a dollar amount for each trade. The base amount is $5 and goes up from there. The second way is what they call “proportional”. This is a setting for 1, 2, 3 times etc the original trade amount. If you know that your trader is making trades of $10 or $100 and you want to trade $50 or $500 then you could set your account to 5X to make this happen. This feature is great as it allows account holders of all size to use risk management and position sizing rules thereby maximizing profits and limiting losses.


CTOptions Review

CTOptions is a binary options broker headquartered in St Vincent/The Grenadines. They are not regulated and do accept US clients. The broker has been around for a couple of years and is making a good name for itself. It is based on the proprietary PandaTS trading platform created by PandaTS, a well known and respected forex technology provider. The platform supports standard digital trading, range, one touch and speed trading as well as copy trading. The asset list includes all the top names, indices, pairs and commodities complimented by a decent array of expiry. Expiry range from the super short 30 second options out through multiple intraday expiry, end of the day, end of tomorrow and out to the end of the week on the most heavily traded assets making it great for day and swing traders.
CTOptions platform, PandaTS
CTOptions platform, PandaTS

  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made by wire, credit card or eWallets such as Skrill, Netteller and WebMoney. The minimum deposit is $250 with a $100 minimum withdrawal. Withdrawals can be made at any time, providing all account requirements are met (bonus terms) and are free for the first one each month. Withdrawals will take 7-10 business days to process and clear your account unless you use eWallet and then they will be much quicker
  • .

  • CT offers a number of bonuses including deposit bonuses, risk free trades and even a demo account. CTOptions accepts traders from around the world including the US, Germany, the UK, Australia and Italy making it a great choice for social trading binary options.

Have Signals? Then Sell Them!

Selling Signals For Social Trading Binary Options

There are many ways to sell signals but one of the best is with the software. This is a copy trading platform, but from the side of the signal service provider. It allows anyone to provide, sell and manager their own signals service through an auto trader. This is a revolutionary advancement in copy trading that opens up a plethora of money making opportunities. The best part is that the auto trader can be linked to an EA so that your signals are all traded into a subscribers account automatically.

What Is is a platform for building an automated trading robot. It is the same technology used by the BinaryOptionsAutoTrader and other well know robots, the difference is that the auto trader will be using your signals, not theirs, so the results will be yours. This is useful in many ways and can be sold as a simple autotrader that creates signals through an EA or as complex as a full blown social trading network with manually uploaded signals, support materials, forums and etc. The platform utilizes a Chrome extension that is completely undetectable to simulate clicks on your subscribers browser. When you send a signal and their platform is set to trading mode your trades become their trades.
What you get with the package is a completely re-branded signal copy service and business license. It comes with your own WordPress website that you have complete control over. You can build it up any way you choose using all the tools available. This is a great benefit to newbies and webmasters because WP is pretty easy to use and can be modified in any way you can program. An added bonus is that your auto-trader will also automatically get an app in the Chrome store.
The platform can connect you to up to 10,000 traders so I think it is easy to see the earnings potential here. Trades execute through the relay in 250 miliseconds so you can be sure that your trades are executed in a timely fashion. The platform integrates with MetaTrader and any other charting package using HTTP calls including NinjaTrader and others. You can use signal packages provided by SignalCopier or use your own. It only takes a few lines of code to make an EA work directly with this auto-trader.

How To Make Money With

These guys make it easy to collect the money as well as make it. Paypal links directly with the web site as well making for a seamless integration. When new members subscribe the PayPal asks them a few questions that take managing accounts out of your hands. These include the level of the trader (how much is traded each time) and how long of a subscription/when to renew. Additionally, your clients will not be limited in terms of brokers, or platforms. A number of top names are supported included 24Options, StockPair, MarketsWorld, TechFinancials and SpotOption. To sum it up, is a one stop shop for setting up a social trading binary options business.

Click Here To Learn More About SignalCopier.Com

iFollow Binary Options Social Trading

iFollow is the top copy trading platform on the market today. It is the social trading feature provided by the SpotOption platform and available on multiple brokers. I say it is top because it gives the most control of any platform allowing you to actively manage your account and truly profit from social trading binary options. As I said, iFollow is available on most SpotOption powered brokers, my favorite is EmpireOption. EmpireOption is a Uruguay based and regulated broker built on SpotOption but operating independently of the white label network. This means you get all the benefits of a great platform without a lot of the BS you may find elsewhere. Empire Accepts traders from around the world, including the US.

Recommended iFollow Brokers
Min Deposit
EmpireOptions iFollow
Up To 100%
FMTrader iFollow
Up To 100%
Cherry Trade iFollow Copy Trading Review
Up To 100%
Redwood Options iFollow Copy Trading
Up To 100%

Full Review of iFollow Social Trading

iFollow is available directly through the trading platform. It is built on a leader board that includes all the top traders who are actively trading. To follow, all you have to do is click copy but it is not quite that simple. You will have to set a trade amount, a time limit and an account limit. These tools allow you to fine tune your copying so that no one trade or trader can wipe you out while maximizing your opportunities for gains. The time setting limits how long you follow a trader. This can be as short as 1 day but also includes settings for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Honestly, I think anything over 1 week is too much but you can always unfollow someone whenever you want.
ifollow take two
The trade amount is the best feature. Most plain vanilla copy trading platforms only allow you to copy, not limit, so any trades you copy are for the full amount of the initial trade and open you up to huge losses. Setting a limit means you copy, but only with the amount you want and that your risk management rules can handle. This setting starts at $50 and goes up incrementally to $250 and then skips to $500, $1,000, $1,500 and even $3,000 for when your account grows. After that the last feature is an account limit, as in how much of your money a copied trader is allowed to use. This also starts at $50 and goes up to $3,000. For example, if you follow someone for one week, with a $50 trade limit and $1,000 account limit you have the opportunity to copy up to 20 $50 trades over the course of one week, pretty sweet, especially if you pick a really good trader.
f ifollowchoices
You can follow as many traders as you like, so long as they fit into your account. This combines well with the control features because you can divide your capital and copy multiple traders utilizing sound account management. If you have used any other platform you know what I mean. It doesn’t help to follow two traders if one of them wipes you out on the first go. Binary Options Copy Trading is a copy trading dashboard that allows signal services and social traders to link together. The platform is a free service and not connected to any broker although Stockpair is the only one that they link to. Signing up is free but to use the signals you will have to register and open account if you don’t have one. A simple Google Chrome extension links your MT4 or Ninjatrader platform to the system which allows you to receive and send signals to your trading account. Each trader that registers with Trade4me is listed on the leader board so there are quite a few to choose from and can be screened using several parameters.

Trade4Me.Com Copy Trading Dashboard – Geek Approved!
Leader Board
Copy Trade

Full Review Of Copy4Me.Com Binary Options Copy Trading

Once you get signed in you will get to go straight to the dashboard. This is where you will find the leader board and information about your account. From the leader board you can either follow a trader to watch their activity or copy them. Copying will activate all trades into your linked account as well as keep a record on your dash board. There are nearly 3,000 registered traders at this time providing an ample supply of potential candidates for your account. The list can be viewed alphabetically or filtered by success rate, most active, number of followers and number of copiers.
stockpair leader board

Each trader gets a profile that allows for further insight into their activity. Trading stats and activity are both recorded. Stats include win rates for the current month, the past 3 months and the past 6 months as well as a log of trades made and information about which assets and expiry are being used. There is a forum to support the copy trading platform too, where you can talk to other traders.

binary panda

There are two more features that are of interest to us social traders.’s Webtrader is a direct link interface to StockPair’s trading platform so you can trade your linked account directly from the Trade4Me platform. This makes it possible for the next feature, the Popular Trader program. This program allows traders to make their own trades, build up some stats and grow a profitable a social trading network. Once you register all qualifying copiers equal $30 each month for active traders. This is a nice added bonus that you don’t get with average copy trading platforms

My Final Thoughts On is a great copy trading platform and one of the few to truly exist for the traders, using a good regulated broker. The trading it is more than plain vanilla copy trading. It’s not owned by any broker, you get control over how much of your money is being placed on each trade, there is a forum and you can even make money when people follow you. The best part is that you don’t have to make your own trades, other copiers can copy you if you do a great job copying the leaders. If you are looking for great social copy trading platform this is it.