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Investoo.Com Indicators; Good For NADEX Trading Binary Options Indicator is a website with a vast library of educational trading videos, indicators and signal systems good for a variety of trading styles. The service is based in England and registered with the FCS, number 82888880. A simple registration will get you access to the introductory level training videos while a one time uprage of $100 will get you the full package. Included are 3 MT4 indicator/signal systems based on PSAR, MACD and Stochastic and over 300 hours of videos organized into several courses targeting technical aspects such as candle sticks and strategy for binary options and forex traders. Click here for my full review.

NADEX Binary Options Signals

The goal of the website is to teach beginners how to trade, but they go far beyond that. Traders of any level can learn something from the videos and the indicator signals are a valuable trading tool. They produce easy to follow entry and exit signals that go hand in hand with the video lessons.

They are MT4 indicator plug-ins based on three standard indicators; Parabolic Stop and Reverse, MACD and what they call the binary options indicator but is really just stochastic (my favorite indicator). The indicators track prices and generate signals as they meet preset criteria, when used along with confirming and coincident indicators they perform pretty well. The caveat, and the website does not sugar coat it, is that false signals do occur, they offer no guarantees of wild success.

This is where the videos come in handy, they teach different methods of picking the good signals and weeding out false signals to help ensure win rates that will produce profits over time. I suggest using them to get least a basic understanding of trend along with the use of support and resistance levels.

In order to use the indicators for NADEX you will also need to use MT4. If you don’t have it it is an easy download as well but does not link to the platform. You’ll use the MT4 chart for basic analysis and signals that you will use to enter trades on NADEX. Once you download the indicators adjust to the time frame you like, the indicator will appear at the bottom and signals will generate in real time.

In order to use them to their fullest potential strategy is a must, simply following them blindly will not produce good results. Strategy includes things like only taking trend following signals. Expiry should be chosen based on the time frame of chart you are using. I suggest at minimum 30 minute candle sticks, I prefer one hour and one day for my trading, but they will work just fine with 2 and 5 minute charts for trading the 5 minute and 20 minute NADEX expiry.

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investoo trading for beginners

For more information about trading NADEX, using the platform, using the demo account and adjusting the settings for lightning fast execution speeds you must read my articles The Geeks Tips For Trading NADEX and NADEX Trading Tips; Your Account Settings And Executions Speeds.

TraderAgency – More Than Binary Options Signals

UPDATE – TraderAgency has unfortunately been forced to shut down. You can continue to find me here and on Communitraders with the rest of the coaches.

TraderAgency is a new website with headquarters located at 6252 Commercial Way #138, Spring Hill, Florida 34613. It is aimed at forex and binary options signals trading, but with a couple of interesting twists. The platform is the brainchild of Dillon Krieder, long time trader and accomplished eBusinessman. He has combined his years of experience with trading and marketing to produce a platform for social and copy trading that provides an avenue for traders and signal service providers to make money. The platform enables members to benefit in three ways; you can copy/signal trade with the pros, you can post your personalized links to attract new members or you can market your skills and services to other traders on the network.

TraderAgency – Signals/Copy Trading/Education
Copy Trade
TraderAgency is now in pre-launch, sign up is free for a limited time only, act now!

What Is TraderAgency

Coaching/Mentoring is one of the best methods of learning and is what TraderAgency is based on. As a social trader I am always listening to the advice of those with more experience, or passing on experience of my own, so the idea of mentors for trading comes as no surprise. I have even had my own coaches in the past, more than one in fact, and all have helped me get to where I am now. The hard part for most of us is finding one, and when you find one knowing if they are for real or full of BS. Forums are a great place to find advice but have one major drawback, they aren’t live so it’s hard to get real time advice. This is where TraderAgency steps in. An experienced professional with the goals of training and improving up and coming traders is an invaluable resource for new traders and that is what TA provides.

  • The main feature is the Training Center and Digital Library. It contains a full line of digital media aids for binary traders including ebooks, videos and full courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. This feature costs $29 per month as a stand alone product, a real deal when considering it takes at least a minimum deposit to gain access to similar tools at a broker.
  • The Binary Options Trade Room is the flagship product. It is a live trading room where you can watch pros as they trade. Each pro gives detailed instructions into the technique and strategies used. Members can copy the trades and learn from them in real time. Pro traders have been recruited from the web’s top trading communities including Babypips and Communitraders. The session will be open 3-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, during peak market hours. This feature costs $99 per month and includes full access to the digital library and video courses. The live trading sessions are also recorded so you can review at any time.
  • One-on-One coaching is more expensive, $200 per hour, but is even more helpful for those trying to get a head start on trading. Members can choose from the top traders for one hour sessions on topics of their choice. These can include, but are not limited to, introduction to technical analysis, how to set up a trades, strategy development, risk management and many others.
TraderAgency Is More Than Binary Options Signals

The TraderAgency is more than a signal or copy trading platform. The agency is also a means for traders to market themselves and their products, including the agency itself. All members are automatically enrolled in the affiliate network which means all you have to do is post your link or sign up a few of your friends and fellow traders. In no time at all you’ll be able to make back your initial investment from joining the agency, and possibly earning a little extra to boot.

More advanced marketers and/or those with their own blogs, websites or social media networks may can create a nice revenue stream simply from signing up newbies. Add to this the Trader Market and things get really interesting. The Trader Market is where, for a one time $99 set up fee, traders/signal providers/software developers can market their skills and products on a personalized eStore. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone with the knowledge and desire to help other traders.

TraderAgency is currently in its beta testing and pre-launch phase. The site administrators and engineers expect to be fully functional sometime summer 2015. Until then they are accepting first round members and prospective marketers free of charge. This is a limited time offer so you must act now to participate. To go to TraderAgency click here.