Forums are the key to true social trading.

Forums, The Heart And Soul Of Social Trading

Social trading is sweeping the globe. It is a combination of social media, education, and trading that is leading to profits for traders and businesses alike. If you have never heard of it all you need to do is a simple Google search to turn up examples ranging from forex to equities and even binary options. While each type of trading is unique the idea is the same; traders of all levels meet to talk, discuss, educate, learn and profit from the community.

At heart of it all are forums, without which there could be no community and no social trading. The word forum originated in ancient Rome where it was used to describe a town center or other location used as the public marketplace, which I think very fitting considering we are indeed talking about trading. In the modern sense forums are, by definition, a meeting place for the discussion of topics in the public interest. They can be physical locations or internet based chat rooms intended for a specific purpose. In this case we’re talking about the trading public and what is in our interest; not being scammed, learning to trade on our own, receiving good advice and making profits.

Something that all binary options traders need to understand is that most platforms and brokers who are currently offering a social trading feature are really providing copy trading. Copy trading is when you copy a trade made by another trader, often times automatically. Copying is OK, it’s part of social trading but lacks the full engagement provided by forums. The biggest difference between the two is that one is focused on elevating the level of trader education and building community, the other is there merely to provide signals for you to follow.

Social Trading Forums For Binary Options

There are some great forums you can use to enhance your trading experience including the one here. I have created it expressly for the purpose of social trading. I invite everyone reading this to join and introduce yourself to the community regardless of how long you have been trading.

My goal is two-fold. First, I want to provide a platform for those seeking or currently using one of the great copy trading platforms on the market today. It will be a place to find and leave reviews based on personal experience. Second, I want to provide a place for current trade leaders and signal providers to let the community know who they are, how they trade and what platform they are using. This way aspiring copy traders can find real traders to follow, traders they can trust.

The rules of the forum are simple, be respectful to both the forum and its users, don’t spam and no affiliate links. I welcome all questions, comments and personal reviews. If there is not a thread or forum on the topic you want to discuss start one, or let the forum moderators know and they will start one for you. Joining is simple and best of all completely free. All it takes is registration which can be done here…