Investoo.Com Indicators; Good For NADEX Trading Binary Options Indicator is a website with a vast library of educational trading videos, indicators and signal systems good for a variety of trading styles. The service is based in England and registered with the FCS, number 82888880. A simple registration will get you access to the introductory level training videos while a one time uprage of $100 will get you the full package. Included are 3 MT4 indicator/signal systems based on PSAR, MACD and Stochastic and over 300 hours of videos organized into several courses targeting technical aspects such as candle sticks and strategy for binary options and forex traders. Click here for my full review.

NADEX Binary Options Signals

The goal of the website is to teach beginners how to trade, but they go far beyond that. Traders of any level can learn something from the videos and the indicator signals are a valuable trading tool. They produce easy to follow entry and exit signals that go hand in hand with the video lessons.

They are MT4 indicator plug-ins based on three standard indicators; Parabolic Stop and Reverse, MACD and what they call the binary options indicator but is really just stochastic (my favorite indicator). The indicators track prices and generate signals as they meet preset criteria, when used along with confirming and coincident indicators they perform pretty well. The caveat, and the website does not sugar coat it, is that false signals do occur, they offer no guarantees of wild success.

This is where the videos come in handy, they teach different methods of picking the good signals and weeding out false signals to help ensure win rates that will produce profits over time. I suggest using them to get least a basic understanding of trend along with the use of support and resistance levels.

In order to use the indicators for NADEX you will also need to use MT4. If you don’t have it it is an easy download as well but does not link to the platform. You’ll use the MT4 chart for basic analysis and signals that you will use to enter trades on NADEX. Once you download the indicators adjust to the time frame you like, the indicator will appear at the bottom and signals will generate in real time.

In order to use them to their fullest potential strategy is a must, simply following them blindly will not produce good results. Strategy includes things like only taking trend following signals. Expiry should be chosen based on the time frame of chart you are using. I suggest at minimum 30 minute candle sticks, I prefer one hour and one day for my trading, but they will work just fine with 2 and 5 minute charts for trading the 5 minute and 20 minute NADEX expiry.

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