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The Geek’s Review Of Porter Finance

Porter Finance is another broker flying low under the radar. The broker is built on the PandaTS trading platform, same one as CTOption, and has been operating in a trustworthy fashion since 2014. Some advantages of the PandaTS platform include a wide range of option types, short and long term expiry, the Option Builder and of course, copy trading powered by the Binary Replicator.

Porter Finance is not trusted for the very reasons why it has shut down. It was not regulated and actively scamming clientele.

The Geek’s Full Review of Porter Finance Binary Options Broker

Porter Finance is a binary options broker built on the PandaTS trading platform. The broker is owned and operate by Oracle Stone LTD, UK registration # 09684789. Company headquarters is listed as 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, which is a virtual address. Oracle Stone is owned by Eduardo Rodriguez Cedillo who resides in Mexico. This broker is not regulated by CySEC.

Features of the platform include High/Low binary options, range options, one touch options, Hyper Options, the Option Builder and copy trading. High/low options have expiry running from 30 seconds (Hyper Options) all the way to 5 months from purchase. There are about 10 intraday expiries each day, as well as 30 second, 60 second, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute expiry, end of day, end of tomorrow, end of the week, end of next week, end of month and on out. Touch and range options are limited to intraday expiry only.

The asset list is very good. Not only do they list a lot of assets, they actually provide them for trading unlike so many other brokers with long asset lists. There are 24 forex pairs including Bitcoin/USD, 4 commodities, 8 indices and about 50 stocks. There are not as many on the list as there are at other brokers, but like I said, the ones that are here are available to trade when the respective market is open.

Banking At Porter Finance

Banking with Porter Finance is pretty straightforward. They accept wires, credit card and Netteller, my preferred method of deposit and withdrawal with any broker. Funds are held separately in segregated accounts and withdrawals are easy. Minimum deposit is only $200 but in order to receive any perks a minimum of $1000 is required. Withdrawals process in under 3 days with funds returned to your bank/credit card within 10 days. Netteller is the fastest method, withdrawals may post to your account as soon as same day. One withdrawal per month is free, all others cost $30, even for Netteller and credit cards.

Bonuses are available, terms aren’t the best but aren’t the worst either and really depend on which bonus you take. Basic terms for a first time depositor are 30X turnover on the bonus amount and have no time limitations. No withdrawals can be made if bonuses are accepted until the turnover limit is met.

Social Trading At Porter Finance

Porter Finance supports one of the top social trading platforms on the market. It is the same system as the Binary Replicator used by CTOptions and offers another option, no pun intended, for copy trading. The system is based on a leader board. Traders are ranked by win rate, profit, number of copiers, number of trades and total score. Copiers can filter through each ranking looking for the traders with the higherst win rates, highest profit rates, the most number of copiers and the highest “score”. Scores are a ranking method that takes into account number of copiers, win rates and profit rates.

Copiers can follow multiple traders and have several tools to control risk exposure. Once a trader is chosen for copying the amount of time trades are copied (one day, one week etc) is chosen along with a limit on how large each trade will be and how much loss each copied trader is allowed before they are automatically “unfollowed”.

PorterFinance Education

PorterFinance has a number of educational features attractive to new and experienced traders. First the education center is top notch and includes three levels of video courses; introduction, in depth and advanced. The economic calendar is another feature that helps pin point when to trade and not trade, along with helping traders stay up to date with all the latest news. To tie it all together there is an active series of webinars targeted to traders of all skill levels.

8 thoughts on “The Geek’s Review Of Porter Finance”

  1. Porter Finance does not pay the winners they simply take money. You can not get a withdrawal from this company.

  2. I have an issue, I have a brokerage account with Porter Finance and I was trading 4/30/16 and my trading winnings were $2.8 million USD. They took that money back due to a “system failure”. Their vendor for their trading web site is XXXXX and they would not let any kind of “system failure” occur. I do believe that Porter Finance is lying to me in order not to pay out my winnings. There are several other traders in the USA who have had the same thing happen to them for their trades on that same day for OTC trades. One issue is that they didn’t cancel all of the OTC trades for that day, they missed some on my account. I am very upset and Porter Finance has locked my account and won’t let me trade. I can’t get to anyone above their customer service people. I need to have my $2.8 million USD put back into my account to keep trading. I want to do good with this money and what Porter Finance has done me, as well as others here in the USA, I think, is wrong.

    1. can you give us some screen shots of your account, and any messages they send you? Let them know you are complaining about their service and where, it doesn’t always help but it can.

  3. I have a TON of responses from them giving me all kinds of excuses, like OTC trades don’t count, we had a system failure when they have 5 servers in Luxembourg, redundancy for a financial portal and that accounting was working with Panda to “figure things out”. Not only that, but they took back MORE money than I started out with before I started trading the USD/JPY OTC currency pair on 04/30/2016.
    How do I get this info here? I can copy and paste info to this site all day long, but I would rather it be between me and someone who is with your web site.
    Thank you,

  4. Porter Finance is a bunch of crooks. Their only purpose for existence is to take your money and to never give it back. They have defrauded me of $75,500.00. With assistance from the Washington State Attorney General office I managed to get $10K back but they still owe me $65,500.00 and it doesn’t seem that they have any intention of giving my money back. They also tried to embezzle $18000.00 from my bank account. My bank caught them and they returned that money but they won’t even respond to my emails anymore. As part of the Attorney General’s inquiry they sent me a contract stating they were going to return my money but all I ever got was the $10K I mentioned earlier. Eduardo Rodriguez CEDILLO is Director of Oracle Stone, LTD. the mother company for Porter Finance. He lives in Mexico. Oh yeah, they also seized all of the money I had left in my account for “inactivity fees”.
    Eduardo Rodriguez CEDILLO had better hope I NEVER figure out where he is in Mexico. I’d like to have some serious words with him and his mother.
    Tim Haddon

  5. Porter who you recommend and Wynn Finance are both owned by a scam artist EDUARDO CEDILLO RODRIGUEZ.

    You are doing your readers a dis-service by recommending ANY Rodriguez owned company. Do your due diligence.

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