The Geek’s Review Of TradeRush

TradeRush is one of the oldest and best established binary options brands on the market. It is so old in fact, that it is built on the original SpotOption platform and has not made the switch to the new version as many other brokers have done. Even still it is a top broker and a good choice for social traders. The company is owned by Marblestone Partners LTD and located at 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London UK. The broker is not CySEC regulated but will soon fall under the auspices of the British FCA. US traders are not accepted.

Update June 27th, 2017 – TradeRush has rebranded as TRBinary options but remains an untrusted name. They continue to evade regulation, operating now out of Bulgaria, and operate in just like the old days. High pressure, bonus scams and more.

Min Deposit
Copy Trade
Limited FCA

Full Review Of TradeRush

TradeRush made the decision long ago not to rely on glitz and glam to attract traders. The website is straight forward, easy on the eyes and simple to use. You won’t find a lot of the newer features available on some SpotOption based brokers but that doesn’t matter, you will find a great place to trade binary. All the standard forms of binary trading are present; call/put, 60 seconds, Option Builder, Option Pro and One Touch. Expiry is also good, it’s one of the reasons why this broker is good for social traders. They range from 60 seconds out to 3 months or more on some assets making them good for any kind of strategy/signal. Another bonus for social traders, the minimum trade size is small, only $5, which makes it very easy for minimum depositers to use sound money management rules.

The Option Pro is a more advanced version of the standard call/put digital option. This is where you will find features like Double Up and Rollover. Double Up allows traders to instantly double their investment amount and take advantage of winning positions. The Rollover allows traders to add additional expiry to open trades if they think the position is good, but needs a little more time to move in the right direction. These are both very useful features, but can only be used once per trade. The Option Builder feature allows traders to set their own risk/reward profiles so they can control the amount loss on each trade.

The asset list is really great, maybe better than the average broker. There are over 150 in total including forex (24 pairs and Bitcoins), indices (15 and the Dollar Index), Stocks (a few dozen) and commodities. This is one of the best, if not the top, broker for commodities. TradeRush has 12 commodities: cocoa, copper, palladium, cotton, wheat, corn, sugar, platinum, coffee, gold, oil and silver. TR also has pairs trading, pairs is like forex but instead of currencies matches other assets like BMW/Daimler, EUR/Gold and Gold/Silver.

Banking With TradeRush

The lack of regulation is always a concern when looking at a broker. In this case caution can be set aside, TradeRush is not CySEC but is located in London. This means there is some limited oversight now and impending full regulation from the FCA later in 2015. On top of that, TR is one of the easiest brokers to bank with. First off, minimum deposit is only $200 of your chosen currency, dollars euros or pounds. This can be done by credit card (of course), wires and eWallets like MoneyBookers and Skrill. What makes TR so great in terms of banking is that withdrawals can also be made with your eWallet, not something every broker will do.

The minimum withdrawal is $100 and the first one is free each month. After that each will cost $30 regardless of method used. Credit Card and wire transfers will take up to 10 business days to process and show in your account. EWallets are faster, they may show in your account within 5 business days, just as soon as they are processed by TR.

There is one problem that TradeRush can’t seem to shake. They have a tendency toward screen freezing and other technical glitches that just aren’t worth putting up with.

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