The BOAT is your one stop source for binary options copy, signal and automated trading.

The BOAT For Binary Options Social Trading

The BOAT, Binary Options Auto Trader, is more than just an automated trading system. It is a platform for social and copy trading that may in fact be the top trading tool on the market.

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Features include copy trading the top registered traders and custom integration with your own MT4 indicators and tools. I spent several hours with one of the brains behind the BOAT, and learned quite a bit about this tool that I will reveal to you here and now.

What Is The BOAT

The BOAT is a binary options auto and copy trading platform. It is a company independent from any binary options broker able to trade on them through API interface, at this time is their preferred broker. The cost is low and comes with three innovative methods of payment. If you do not have a broker you can sign up with one through their affiliate network for a free one year license or you can pay a $39 monthly fee or get the lifetime license for $199, which is what I recommend. Once you pay the fee and download the BOAT it’s yours. Set up is super easy, much easier than I expected and comes with free support to help you get going. If you choose to use the tools embedded in the system all you have to do is launch the BOAT, it will log in to your trading account for you and then you can start copy trading.

Trade4me Copy Trading Leaderboard

For more advanced traders BOAT links to your MT4 platform. There is an installed plugin, a custom indicator, that generates buy and sell signals with the use of EA’s. When a signal is generated you can either copy it yourself or set up the BOAT to auto trade the signals for you. The signals can be adjusted through the platform to fine tune them to each market and your trading style.

The team will also help you with custom indicators. If you have your own MT4 indicator or EA you can link it to the BOAT as well and use it to autotrade, or to sell your signals through their copy trading system. Any indicator that you have for MT4 that will generate a signal can be used with the BOAT. All you have to do is send the code to the team and they will add the autotrader technology to it


This Is How The Auto Trader Works

The BOAT can automatically connect to the broker. You enter your user name and password, all secure, and then the BOAT pulls up your account. You then set the amount of money you want to make with each trade, the expiry you want to use and the trade amount. There is a preset list of trade amounts in the drop down menu but don’t worry, you can change that in the custom settings because customization is the name of the game with this tool. . Then, once you click start, any signal generated by the indicator or trader will be autotraded in your account.

BOAT Copy And Social Trading

BOAT’s biggest  draw in my opinion is the copy and social trading aspects. Once approved you can copy trades from any one of their registered traders, chosen from the leader board. Traders are all verified and authorized before being allowed to post trades so you have some guarantee they aren’t completely bogus. They have a limited social network that supports profiles so you can learn about trader you may want to follow. In order to copy trades all you have to do is connect to the copy trading system, enter the code for the trader you want to follow and click start. If you want to post trades you can get authorized and build your own copy trading network with the BOAT system.


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Extra Features To The BOAT

I have found a few things that I really like about the BOAT. This platform is a one stop shop for signal service providers, auto traders, copy traders and social traders. All you have to do is sit back and monitor your account and watch it work. Yet another feature is the trade simulator. You can set the system up to simulate trading so you can test the signals and learn to use them effectively. All in all, this may be the top platform for making money social trading binary options.