Binary Options Copy Trading is a copy trading dashboard that allows signal services and social traders to link together. The platform is a free service and not connected to any broker although Stockpair is the only one that they link to. Signing up is free but to use the signals you will have to register and open account if you don’t have one. A simple Google Chrome extension links your MT4 or Ninjatrader platform to the system which allows you to receive and send signals to your trading account. Each trader that registers with Trade4me is listed on the leader board so there are quite a few to choose from and can be screened using several parameters.

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Once you get signed in you will get to go straight to the dashboard. This is where you will find the leader board and information about your account. From the leader board you can either follow a trader to watch their activity or copy them. Copying will activate all trades into your linked account as well as keep a record on your dash board. There are nearly 3,000 registered traders at this time providing an ample supply of potential candidates for your account. The list can be viewed alphabetically or filtered by success rate, most active, number of followers and number of copiers.
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Each trader gets a profile that allows for further insight into their activity. Trading stats and activity are both recorded. Stats include win rates for the current month, the past 3 months and the past 6 months as well as a log of trades made and information about which assets and expiry are being used. There is a forum to support the copy trading platform too, where you can talk to other traders.

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There are two more features that are of interest to us social traders.’s Webtrader is a direct link interface to StockPair’s trading platform so you can trade your linked account directly from the Trade4Me platform. This makes it possible for the next feature, the Popular Trader program. This program allows traders to make their own trades, build up some stats and grow a profitable a social trading network. Once you register all qualifying copiers equal $30 each month for active traders. This is a nice added bonus that you don’t get with average copy trading platforms

My Final Thoughts On is a great copy trading platform and one of the few to truly exist for the traders, using a good regulated broker. The trading it is more than plain vanilla copy trading. It’s not owned by any broker, you get control over how much of your money is being placed on each trade, there is a forum and you can even make money when people follow you. The best part is that you don’t have to make your own trades, other copiers can copy you if you do a great job copying the leaders. If you are looking for great social copy trading platform this is it.