Tradesmarter Social Trading For Binary Options

Tradesmarter Social Trading For Binary Options

Tradesmarter, once a popular binary options broker, is now a leading provider of white label binary options platforms. The company is based in Cyprus but is not operating a brokerage of its own at this time. Since making the switch from broker to platform the company has made some great advances including the Strategix and Social Trading features. The platform itself is one of the better I have seen but at this time there are few recommended brokers using it. V8Options is one that I know and trust.

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Full Review Of Tradesmarter Binary Options Social Trading

Tradesmarter was one of the first to introduce social trading to binary options and has one of the better platforms. There are a number of things to set it apart from iFollow, the Binary Replicator and other copy trading platforms including but not limited to profiles. Profiles are an important part of social trading and for some reason not yet common to the copy trading platforms. Tradesmarter has capitalized on existing technology to do this; new traders access the social trading features by signing in through Facebook and then building profiles from there.

tradesmarter social trading feedFeatures include a live stream of trades as they happen. One social trading is enabled these trades will appear in a feed just below the chosen asset or to the side of the screen. Additional features include copy trading and social charting. The social charts display trades, on the chart, as they happen. This way you can see all the trades on a chosen option and expiry while it is still open. With this feature traders can identify the top traders and their positions, and then trade accordingly. There is also a trader sentiment indicator listing the top traded assets making it one of the more complete platforms for social trading binary options.

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Tradesmarter Is A Top Binary Options Platform

The Tradesmarter platform is geared toward a fuller binary options experience than many others. While most will rely solely on day trading and the shortest expiries this platform is also suited to longer term traders. Company founder Yoni Avital told Forex Magnates the company is focused on the longer term and working to distinguish itself from other platforms which he referred to as “bucket shops”.

To this end the platform supports expiry as short as 30 seconds ranging out to end of day, end of the week and end of the month and next month on standard high/low binary trading. At first glance you might think that this is all there is but rest assured there is a lot more to this brokers. Other options include range, touch,no touch, and above/below options which are accessed through the Strategix feature. This pulls up a dedicated screen where the more advanced and interactive trading takes place. The Strategix feature also allows traders to adjust the strike levels of the different options and thereby control payouts and risk.
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The platform itself is top notch. You will quickly notice that the charts really stand out, this is because they are real candle charts and not the usual junk you find elsewhere. Along with the charts there are two other views that allow you to arrange multiple assets on the screen at one time. As an added bonus the Autochartist tool is included. This tool is a trusted third party source of real time signals available as a stand alone product or as you see here.

Other tools available for hedging risks include Sell Back, Hedge and Double Up. Sell Back is self explanatory, you can sell options back either at a loss or a profit depending on the underlying asset. Double up is also pretty self explanatory as it allows you to double up on trades that you have already placed. The Hedge feature is one that allows you to open an opposite position on trades that you think may fail or are out of the money. The asset list is good too and includes all the top forex pairs, global indices and international stocks so there is no worry of finding something to trade.